Being Silly, Salad Days the Musical and Roma Football Club Salad

My ever creative sister is using scrabble to send uplifting messages to friends and family via whatsapp.  Her message today was the following:


Oops … the spelling a bit iffy, but never mind, we get the message.  Silliness, of course, being another way of saying good cheer.

Okay, so let’s get silly !

I expect very few of  you have heard of an English musical called “Salad Days” ? It opened in London in 1954, and it’s the height of silliness.  Here is a link that tells you more about the musical:

One of my favorites is the song “Cleopatra” which I am known to enjoy singing now and then (the quality of this link is atrocious but it’ll give you an idea: –  whereas this one is better:

Silliness and food … Hmm.  How about a salad featuring the colours of the Roma football club?

It was so sunny and lovely and warm last week and we craved salad for lunch.  I am so lucky that I can still walk to shops and the covered market in Frascati and avoid those very long queues at the supermarkets.  The Roma football club’s colours are red and yellow.  Yellow for the sun and red for the colour of one’s heart.  The singer Antonello Venditti wrote a song for the club called, unsurprisingly “Roma, Roma, Roma”, back in the seventies if I remember correctly.  If you feel like belting it out here is a link to the song with the lyrics, it’s most ‘arousing’: .

Antonello Venditto wrote another son for his beloved football club, called “Grazie Roma” – another great song to belt out.  These are great songs to sing in the car when you’re on your own.  They’ll make you feel very ‘silly’.

Shhh don’t tell but I am not actually into football much, not unless it’s the world cup, but I like to play along and since everyone in the family is a Roma fan, I may as well be.  Not that it’s ‘easy’, the Rome football club are a bit on the bipolar side with their playing.  They are either brilliant and score a winning goal at the very last second or lose to lesser teams at very bottom of the league … Not like the Juventus who win nearly all the time.  It can be very stressful being a Roma fan.

Anyway … here is how we tend to do salad in this family.  Tinned tuna, boiled eggs and any salad leaves you care to mix up.  I like radish but no one else does.  But  I added them cos they’re red.

IMG_7088Tomatoes too, because they’re red.  I then found yellow and red capsicum/peppers.

IMG_7089Notice the boiled eggs are left whole.  That’s because there were three of us … I usually slice them up but I realised that often these slithers get lost in the salad itself … so I left each person to slice their own, on their plate.  And of course the egg yolks are yellow.

IMG_7090Notice also that the salad is not dressed.  And that’s because I like lemon and olive oil whereas others prefer olive oil and balsamic vinegar.   To each their own.

IMG_7091As I was preparing the salad, my husband was shelling walnuts.  Once everyone had put the salad on the their plates, cut up their egg and dressed the salad, they added the walnuts.

Bloody hell … even a salad gets to be complicated at times !!!

But very much worth the effort.

I am going to end this silly billy post quoting some lines from Salad Days, from the song We Said We Wouldn’t Look Back” ….

“We mustn’t say these were our happiest days, but our happiest days so far”.  I am not being in denial about what’s going on all over the world.  I AM saying we all need a little bit of silliness in our lives, my sister is so right! Just click on the image to watch.

PS … and if you want to be even sillier, you could dance too, a great way to exercise:

7 thoughts on “Being Silly, Salad Days the Musical and Roma Football Club Salad

  1. Very uplifting! Love the colours of the salad…must replicate that, having both the tuna and the eggs…getting greens a bit more of a challenge these days…found out our farmer’s market is still open….yeah! But the greens are still not ready! Oh well…take care Bella…hugs!

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  2. Made the salad for lunch today…did individual plates…no walnuts but added fresh chives cut from the garden this morning…made a lemony dressing. Not only colourful, but delicious to eat! So, grazie!


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