Sharing is Caring – Tomatoes and Hurrah for Box Graters !

I came across this article and simply have to share its wisdom.  Anything to make life easier in the kitchen!

N.B.  You can read the entire article on the following link:

It’s time to get saucy

We ran this genius method for grated tomato sauce in 2016, and I have been grating tomatoes ever since. No dicing, no slicing, no pulsing in a food processor. You can debate the best tomato to use in your marinara—plum, beefsteak, Campari, heirloom, canned?!?—but thanks to chef Ashley Christensen, who shared this trick with us, we know definitively that the easiest way to turn the flesh into sauce-ready pulp is with your 4-sided box grater. You know, the thing that you normally use to shred cheese.

Why is grating so great? (Sorry, not sorry.) First of all, it eliminates the need to find a knife sharp enough to cut through the tomato skin without smashing it to smithereens, which—let’s be honest—most of us don’t have. The curved cutters on the grater mimic the shredding action of an old-fashioned food mill, but with a lot less equipment clean-up involved. Plus, you can set the grater right into a big bowl to catch all the tomato flesh and juices and keep your cutting board free of all tomato liquid that inevitably runs onto your counter, and then down the front of your cabinet doors. (That’s not just a me thing, right?) Even better, as you scrape the tomato back and forth against the grater’s little blades, the skin will just split apart and peel back in your hand. When the skin is flattened and you’ve arrived at the stem end, you’re done.

But truly the most wonderful thing about grated tomatoes is how quickly they can be transformed into sauce, which preserves their bright, summery, fresh flavors.

Carla Lalli Music

Food director

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4 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring – Tomatoes and Hurrah for Box Graters !

  1. Been doing this for a while…probably because of this Bon App. article! Discovered when I was making a Greek bulgur/tomato pilaf kind of thing! I was a happy cook to find that bit of info.! Sadly, my little brain keeps forgetting to do it! Thanks for the reminder fellow tomato-a-holic!


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