Fake Fish and Any Excuse for Burrata

IMG_7008 IMG_7009Judy Witts Francini put up a photo on Instagram yesterday of a dish called ‘pesce finto’, meaning ‘fake fish’.  I am not sure it’s the sort of recipe that would appeal to people outside Italy.  Which is a shame because I, and Judy evidently too, think it is quite delicious, not to mention easy to prepare.  Basically it is tinned tuna and mashed potatoes … both usually a staple in any home.

I wrote a post about it a few years ago which I don’t mind reposting.  The recipe is my tweak on this recipe which also includes burrata – and so many people I know adore burrata: https://myhomefoodthatsamore.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/faking-fish-il-pesce-finto/

I hope you enjoy reading about this Italian nursery food comfort dish.  Who knows, you might even be prompted to try it out.

Denuding a Misapprehension – Egg to the Rescue when it comes to Gnudi

GNUDII think that today is the first Sunday in many many weeks that I have not had to hurry, to get on with things, or to travel.  I even managed to read a few online newspaper articles just now and it almost felt like being on holiday.  One of them, however, pricked by nose-scrunching, eyebrow raising, er dunno? what’s this all about? sentiments.  An article by Nigel Slater on how to make gnudi and why they should repose in the chill of a fridge for at least 24 hours before being cooked :(http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/feb/28/nigel-slater-gnudi-broccoli-minced-lamb-butternut-recipes).  I am not a gnudi expert (seek out Judy Witts Francini instead) but something atavistically Italian in me prompted me to question the wisdom of devising a recipe that requires refrigeration when said recipe was probably being cooked, and frequently so, even before fridges were a staple appliance in homes.  Does Nigel Slater have anything against eggs, one wonders?  Add eggs to the ricotta mix and you have no need for tampering with cold temperatures and can enjoy your gnudi in next to no time. None of this delayed gratification nonsense!

Here is a link to a gnudi recipe I wrote a few years ago and Buona Domenica to you all.