5 thoughts on “Courgettes/Zucchine for a Summery Pasta Sauce from Nerano

  1. What an interesting take on pasta with zucchini. I usually make it really simple, just shallow-fried zucchini tossed with spaghetti, really—but I can see how pureeing some of the zucchini would lend more flavor. And I’m intrigued by the thought of plunging the rest of the fried zucchini into the pasta water… what effect does that give, do you think?


    1. Ciao Frank … thank you for your comments, which are all the more appreciated for their thought-provoking questions and insights. I followed the recipe of Pignataro and was frankly intrigued myself by the plunging in the water business. I don’t see why this baptism would add to the overall taste. Unless … unless … it would be to remove some fried-oil taste of the zucchine, boh? Baffled !


  2. To add to the discussion…I really could not see the point of the plunging into the water either…except as Jo says…to lose some of the fried oil taste? Which is rather strange considering spending the time to fry them off…so next time I am placing those ones in the colander, then draining my pasta over top of them…after saving a bunch of cooking water though! BTW: As I mentioned on FB, made this last night for dinner…excellent…I have a lot of Romanesco Zucchini in the garden so it was a nice addition to my ever-expanding collection of pasta sauces! Next time though…will add a pinch of peperoncino…cause in our house everything is better with peperponcino! Thanks for the recipe! Should have taken a photo!!!


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